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The most common reason to buy a new computer is to realize that your old PC has become too slow and will never meet its needs. The new operating systems and multimedia applications in particular require more power than their predecessors.

Choosing the ideal equipment for every need is not an easy task, for it is also necessary to adapt to every user's budget.

Gone are the days when purchasing components or updates for your computer was very expensive or even impossible, due to supply shortage and was widespread ignorance on this subject. Today, the variety of peripheral devices and components that can be bought at most computer shops is huge and allows, for quite some time, to face the exciting task of building a computer from scratch for the selection and purchase of its components.

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A) Demanding advanced user (multimedia and professional editing)

Generally speaking, the first PC may be a complete and assembled unit with the manufacturer's own guarantee and other value added services such as software bundles or after-sale service without going any further, but, depending on the concerns and the experience level attained, the idea of building a customized one will probably become increasingly harder, the more so when the offers for computers that are shown on most of the catalogues are usually based on very general settings, away from specialization that will arise from the know-how got in the daily operations with the PC, wich add up details on the categories of the components, so it is easier to establish significant differences between devices apparently equal to the eye of experienced users. Thus, the need to customize a configuration or simply find the "perfect equipment" will be the engine that moves more advanced users to build their own system.

B) Average user less demanding (undemanding multimedia)

For the less demanding and more concerned users about their economy, the selection criteria should be adjusted and consistent with the quality/price or quality/performance/price factors. Besides, in this field it will not be so frequent for the users to try to modify the operating parameters of the system trying to squeeze up the performance, and shall comply with the default options, as well as with less advanced multimedia features in the previous section.

C) User unpretentious (everyday tasks)

Finally, and on the lower range, multimedia capabilities and performance will be limited as much as possible, adjusting them to a maximun to the need that has to be solved. The price will be an essential factor to choose the components, though without sacrificing quality or the indispensable PC stability.

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However, many times, in order to get a significant performance improvement it is not necessary to invest big sums of money on the purchase of a new computer, as it would suffice with a small enlargement of our current equipment, i.e.: a new processor, memory, graphics card or hard disk, always within the capabilities of our motherboard.


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  • Advice for the acquisition of new equipment or otherwise to increase the current one through the purchase of new components such as hard drives, memory, processor, graphics card, etc, according to the requirements and budget of each user.
  • Estimated cost, after examining the appropriate settings for each user.
  • Purchase management, buying of the equipment and carrying of the components to customer's premises, with all the guarantees of the professionals.
  • Assembly of the new equipment or components (desktop or laptop) and setting up.
  • Data migration from the old computer to new one.
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According to our experience, the computer products shops that give us more confidence, not only for their wide range of components but also for their after-sales service and payment, are PC BOX and APP Informática. Moreover, thanks to their great online catalogues that they offer, they allow us to build the best possible configuration, depending on price and product quality.