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Info Saturation and chaos in the office


Over time, and have not put the brakes to avoid it, his office (or a drawer) is becoming just a pile of letters, invoices, receipts and documents of all kinds. But it is also possible that this situation occurs not only in physical space, and that your PC will repeat the chaos, dozens of text files, digital invoices or emails. All stored in different folders and directories, which increasingly has a harder time finding (some documents may not agree that care).

If faced with a similar experience like this or perhaps it is time to which it is considered to end once and for all this problem to be the ultimate solution scanning and data capture. Thanks to her not only get a considerable saving of space but also a better organization and accessibility of our information.


Ok Services

To meet this need, PCSOPORTE handles the following tasks:

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  • Scanning of any kind of paper document to PDF, ebook (electronic book) or image with high compression ratios without loss of quality.
  • Scanning of any kind of paper document to an editable format using OCR technology for editing in any word processor.
  • Enable text search feature in the digitized version for each file or from your desktop scanning program for a global search through OCR technology.
  • Improving the quality of the scanned image to correct the following issues: border removal, straightening of the image, improving contrast and definition, removing elements manuscripts ( labeled, notes, signatures, etc).
  • Management and organization of large volumes of documents that allows quick navigation links from a control center, which directs the user instantly to your favorite folders when opening or saving a file under your desk.
  • Automated data collection forms with which instantly became not only scanned paper forms into editable electronic PDF forms, but also extract the data for import into database programs or spreadsheets.
  • Handling and treatment of any PDF file: conversion any file to PDF or PDF to Word, modification, merging documents, division of documents, including annotations as comments or stamps, password protection, forms conversion versions can be filled, etc.
  • Creating CDs/DVDs with the scanned information browsable through navigation menus.
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All these works are carried out in the professional workshop or when required in the customer's address if it is sensitive documentation or that the multifunction has greater capacity and speed of processing, in which case our fee will be lower.