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Info Internet presence


In this globalized and highly competitive, having an Internet presence is of particular importance especially in the commercial.

Therefore, having a web page provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes competitiveness: the image on the Internet may be comparable to any large company in your industry. It is a fair ground where you can compete on equal terms with companies of similar size or larger than mine.
  • Global presence of its products and services: having a website is an effective shuttle to present relevant information from your business or organization, and products or services worldwide, and can be reached by millions of users worldwide, which will generate the opportunity to acquire a greater number of potential customers or interested in your product or service.
  • Reducing communication costs, so any questions you may have the client will be available from their website, which will save time for explanations of its staff, reducing the number of phone calls from business, local and long distance; It also assumes a greater savings in advertising costs, allowing to keep its customers and promote their products free of charge 24 hours a day, with a web catalog and publishing regular news and offers from your company website. In addition, initial and operational costs of having an Internet presence are low, and even more so when taking into account the enormous benefits it produces.
  • High availability of your business which helps increase sales and expand the hours of operation of your company minimizing the costs and allowing you to have a store open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through which its Customers can place orders and budget requests in a simple and economical.
  • Ideal tool to communicate with potential customers, as it enables direct contact with them quickly and economically allowing you to meet your tastes and trends through surveys, books of complaints and suggestions book built on its website.
  • Improving the image of your company, giving it more personality, professionalism and dedication, showing above all, his commitment to new technologies.

On the other hand, as a home user, having a web site allows you to participate actively in the network, expressing their ideas, hobbies, sharing family photos and personal projects, etc.


Ok Services

In order to ensure that our client has an Internet presence, PCSOPORTE, addresses the following services:

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  • Developing your personal or corporate web page type static* professional quality, with the design, format and number of pages that best suits your needs.
  • Help in drafting and content: presentation, history, objectives, products or services, customers and suppliers, contact information, etc.
  • Support in locating high-resolution photos and variety to enhance their website.
  • Periodic updates of your website as needed, or changes on the structure and site architecture in order to increase visits and therefore sales.
  • Managing your domain and hosting, advising on the best deals that suit your needs, through one of the leading companies in the sector.
  • SEO optimization of your website on the Internet for the best results in major search engines and thus increase the visits.
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* We must clarify that our service focuses on the development of static web pages, whose only limitation is the lack of integration of features such as databases, forums, dynamic content, ie, lack of interaction with the user.

For more information, contact us and we will advise you free of charge through our form, offering you a free estimate.


 Web gallery

The best demonstration of our web design work and which shows the quality of our service is through the page you are viewing right now. However, then let some examples of templates with other designs, which are only a small outline of what will become reality in the final stages of development.

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Plantillas web Plantillas web Plantillas web
Plantillas web Plantillas web Plantillas web
Plantillas web Plantillas web Plantillas web
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