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With our extensive experience and mastery of the most professional in the market, we work for image processing by retouching and digital restoration with the aim not only to improve the original photographs but also to transform them for publicity purposes marketing, commercials, documentaries or simply individuals.

Therefore, PCSOPORTE to meet the needs of our client, offers the following services

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  • Improving the quality of any picture to enhance the colors, sharpness, hue, etc.
  • Using the HDR tecnology (High Dynamic Range - High Dynamic Range) to obtain images of great detail and luminosity by merging several photos of the same scene taken with different exposures. We also get good results with a single photograph.
  • Emphasized the beauty of the portraits by correcting red eye, skin beautification, cleaning stains, concealment of wrinkles, teeth whitening and removal of any facial imperfection.
  • Repair damaged photos, torn, bent or faded, characteristic of old images and elimination of defects such as frames, dust and scratches, typical of scanned images.
  • Removal or addition of objects in a scene, background suppression of Geolocation, etc.
  • Transformation of the original photos into works of art by converting color to black and white or sepia, frames or borders added, trimmed, including text or apply filters such as spectacular, which give a picture of a pictorial appearance different styles (fresh, pencil, pastel, etc).
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Método Working mode

  • First, the client will expose us either via email and if there is sufficient telephone the type of service you need, whether editing or restoration, and if it is not clear we will advise them on it.
  • Then he will attach to us your photos in any format (jpeg, bmp, tiff, png or even raw), or, if they are not digitized, but on paper, give us your contact details to arrange an appointment ourselves to people in their homes to collect the material regardless of the type of paper that is.
  • Finally we complete the work timely delivery to the customer in person, either in digital or paper, the latter in standard sizes.
  • In addition we keep the indefinitely work done securely on our servers to forward it for free in the future if necessary.


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