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Mundo informatizado

The rapid change in the world of new technologies and the incorporation of information technology in all areas of society (business, private and public) has undergone in recent years has transformed not only our habits but we have made an information management more efficient, global communication, new possibilities for entertainment and ultimately a better quality of our lives.

However, the introduction of new technologies is associated with increased complexity inherent in the multiplicity of functions and also a major source of problems arising from risks posed: Internet threats, misuse of computer equipment, difficulty in correctly system configuration, compatibility issues, adaptation to new operating system versions, etc.

At the same time, to gradually increase the number of computers in private homes emerging new needs of connectivity resulting from the advantages entailed by the use of shared resources on a local network. This is increased exponentially in the business world, where we must add the management and safeguarding of information, an efficient resource management and user policies to ensure safety, becoming indispensable to the success of activity.


Our services and benefits


Therefore, PCSOPORTE aims to offer the client (individual or business ) a full service computer support to cover different needs and thus get the user to exploit the full potential of your PC or network with little mishaps.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate customer service we offer that service "in situ", in the home of the individual, if it required us to avoid having to transport their equipment to the professional workshop, as usual, and within a unbeatable price range.

PCSOPORTE activity revolves around the following building blocks:

A) Installation

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  • Installation of client and server operating system.
  • Extensions or assembly of computer hardware from scratch.
  • Installing software, drivers and utilities several.
  • Integration of security packages.
  • Assembly and physical installation of a local network.
  • ADSL connection Internet.
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B) Maintenance and optimization

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  • Windows updates, drivers and applications.
  • Improving and optimizing the overall performance of the system (BIOS settings, overclocking, Windows).
  • ADSL connection settings for a faster response.
  • Clean interior and exterior of the PC.
  • Deleting junk files and registry optimization.
  • Checking status of hard disk and defrag it.
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C) Reparación y recuperación

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  • Elimination of viruses, trojans, spyware and all kinds of malware.
  • Data recovery corrupt or lost by accident.
  • Repair operating system with error messages or starting blocks.
  • Troubleshooting performance to an erratic memory.
  • Analysis and diagnosis of hardware components to signs of abnormal behaviors.
  • Atención Free no-obligation diagnosis
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Of course, like all reliable computer service, we also offer advice on the purchase of new equipment, and if necessary provide the possibility of migrating all the information stored on the PC before the new purchase.

In addition, as an additive, we also provide graphic design work including websites, logos, photo retouching, presentations, menus, business card, etc, and other services such as document imaging and video surveillance.

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