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retrato is the result of a thoughtful personal project for quite some time and come true after a long period of preparation, gathering information and working materials, and planning, ensuring a comprehensive service offering help and support quality computer not only individuals but also to professionals and small businesses.

Currently, the majority of users to address their problems and needs in the daily use of computer, have to resort either to friends or family with limited computer skills or to established companies in the sector, in this case involving disturbances in the form transfer from computer to the professional workshop, several days of waiting until the resolution of the problem without being able to use your computer due to the accumulation of work in repair shops, and especially high prices of services offered.

Aware of these shortcomings and inconveniences and thanks to the wide experience I've been hoarding over the years (not just the urgent need to retrain as a computer constantly due to the rapid evolution of computing, but also through courses high-class training and recognition at official level, I have given enough training and preparation and above all trust with guarantees to cover various fields related to computer ), it is time to use all these resources to serve others offering an added advantage over competition such as:

  • Site service in the home or business customer.
  • Unbeatable prices in the sector.
  • Maximum transparency in the services we provide and the fees we charge, to avoid last minute surprises.
  • Variety and breadth of services: we are not just dedicated to maintenance, computer repair advice and we meet but also graphic design work, scanning documents and office video surveillance.
  • We offer the best possible solutions for solving their problems, always thinking in your complete satisfaction.
  • Instruct the client to the proper use of new technologies so as to prevent undesirable situations, always using a clear, conversational language for easy understanding.

Official Certification

As for the official certification that guarantees our experience and professional level covers the following areas:

A. PC Maintenance & Networking

  • Microcomputer Systems Technician: assembling, installation and configuration of hardware and operating systems Windows and Linux.
  • CISCO Networking Academy: fundamentals of network and configuring routers.
  • - IT Essentials I and II: PC Hardware and Software.

    - CCNA 1 Networking Basics.

    - CCNA 2 Router and Routing Basics.

    - CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing.

    - CCNA 4 WAN Technologies.

  • Network Administrator: setting up local networks and servers.
  • Office Automation Courses: managing the Microsoft office suite.

B. Digital Graphic Design

  • Web Page Design: HTML, Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • Design and modification of 2D and 3D: Autocad.
  • Photocomposition Expert: photography, logos and layout.
  • Graphic Design: CorelDraw, FreeHand, Photoshop, QuarkXpress.

All this training courses are approved by the Junta de Andalucia, in the case of CCNA certification with Cisco Systems, the leading worldwide professional expertise in the field of networking.

In short, we bring our commitment and seriousness to our customer to offer the best solutions, with the minimum of disruption rates and unmatched, for maximum confidence and satisfaction with our services.

For any doubt or question want to perform please let us through our form.