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Info Maintenance

mantenimiento de pc

Contrary to what may seem at first, a personal computer is a home machine that requires more maintenance. Surely many have had personal feeling, or heard someone you know something like this: "That will slow the computer, how fast it was when we bought it". This phrase, which can be stated in many ways, sums up a maxim in the computer world, and that is that if we do not care for the maintenance of our machine, it will become "lazy" over time, in many cases even stop work at all and even worse with the loss of information.

Usually they forget basic maintenance tasks on the computer. Operations such as updating Windows, drivers, delete temporary files or adjust the system settings are left out because when you come to the office or home can not miss a moment of your time. Keep in mind that update the system is vital for your computer to function properly. Both hardware and operating system patches must be installed and revisions thereto. Often it is possible that you're not getting the most out the team for being out of date.

Cleaning hardware

Limpieza de hardware

The boxes are designed to maintain a continuous flow of air inside in order to obtain optimum cooling of internal components. However, given that dust tends to accumulate over time inside computers because most of the boxes are not sold with filters in the vents to trap dirt, making it concentrated mainly in the fan blades, which in turn brings about:

  • More effort to evacuate the same quantity of air.
  • Higher level of noise.
  • Reduced flow of air circulating inside the box.
  • Increased operating temperature too hot.
  • Greater instability in the form of sudden crashes.
  • Decrease in speed due to the difficulties of the CPU to function.
  • And, worse, damage to the circuits and chips more delicate because of the increased risk of failure in components.

While the user is not aware of it, as the dirt from a PC can not see with the naked eye from the outside, click on the images below to give you an idea of the degree of accumulation of undesirable elements within a PC if you neglect cleaning.

Cleaning software

Limpieza de software

After installation of Windows, the system is clean and everything works perfectly. However, working with the system for several months, with frequent installs and uninstalls software hardware and will leave residues 'toxic' (junk files, actually) that gradually undermine the stability and speed of the system. Not to mention the serious errors can be caused by a faulty hardware device or program failure.

Sometimes you run software that has a faulty installation program, which records an older version of a DLL important. What is the result? Possibly other applications fail, but if the problem is more subtle certainly not be detected for days or weeks, then be very difficult to link cause and error and finding the right solution becomes a difficult task.

When you uninstall a program, similar problems may arise as a file which should remain in the system, can result in deletion. On the other hand, more often is that the uninstaller leaves obsolete registry entries and files scattered across the system, slowing down the computer and even causing other conflicts.

For different reasons, it is very difficult to solve the problems that can cause a device driver. When you install a hardware component, are also incorporated all sorts of low-level file in the system, and who knows the conflicts that could create! And to make matters worse, it is not easy to remove a driver that may be causing problems.

The result of all this is that usually you are faced with the reinstallation of the operating system, the best, it will take two hours or more, including backups, reinstalling, updating drivers, etc.

To avoid this situation of wear of the system over time and thus avoid the reinstallation of Windows, through our assistance team can regain their initial speed and whether requiring a new installation of Windows can avoid ever again have to re- repeat the task.

Info Optimization

optimizacion de pc

The computer has become his inseparable companion for leisure and for work. Spend many hours in front of him than any improvement in performance, any reduction in waiting time can save hours and hours. Whether the latest information about graphic design and games to make the most of this computer is becoming obsolete, optimization of your team is a task that never ends. From BIOS, via the operating system and hardware of your machine, there are many parameters that can be adjusted to give another twist to your computer and get a bit more performance.

On the other hand, if you look, all the people who use a computer is quite varied, and it is this precise reason that makes compatibility issues are most important today, even more than performance. Therefore, until the latest technologies are urged by the need to provide backward compatibility.

Windows is configured by default to recognize a wide range of hardware devices and technologies to work with ancient and modern at the same time, he is forced to adopt a conservative stance in terms of its configuration. In addition each person uses their computer differently, and therefore the Windows default settings are designed more according to ease of handling performance.

However, it has also been designed to support modifications, and with sufficient knowledge it is possible to draw a maximun from machines through certain procedures.


Ok Servicios

Do not worry, PCSOPORTE is responsible for the periodical maintenance of your computer hardware and also through a series of adjustments and optimization techniques, we will get that extra dose of performance that will serve to continue working without problems, at least a season and all this without changing the hardware on your machine. To this end, our service will cover the following areas:

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  • Clean interior and exterior of the PC.
  • Renewal of the processor thermal paste to improve heat dissipation.
  • Update drivers for hardware devices.
  • Update Windows with the latest Service Packs and security patches.
  • Removal of junk files on your hard disk or obsolete.
  • Reparation of Windows registry errors and defragmenting.
  • Checking status of hard disk and defragmentation.
  • Updating the BIOS (can improve performance, stability and compatibility).
  • BIOS settings using optimization techniques and overclockingAlerta.
  • Windows settings and customization using optimization techniques.
  • Improving the response speed of the connection to the Internet at ADSL mode to optimize both the navigation and downloading files.
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Alerta animado Notice about overclocking

Another way to increase the performance of your PC is performing overclocking, but this is something that must be done carefully. Is to alter the processor's clock speed or graphics card to make it work faster and, therefore, offer higher performance. The danger is that the CPU may overheat and, although the process is done correctly, the life of an overclocked processor will always be less than its equivalent has not been tampered with. In addition, this will void the warranty.

Nevertheless, appropriate precautions can be an inexpensive and effective method of increasing the power of a PC without compromising stability.