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Over time, and if not put the brakes to avoid it, his office (or a drawer) is becoming just a pile of letters, invoices, receipts and documents of all kinds. But it is also possible that this situation occurs not only in physical space, and that your PC will repeat the chaos, dozens of text files, digital invoices or emails. All stored in different folders and directories, which increasingly has a harder time finding (some documents may not agree that care).

If faced with a similar experience like this or perhaps it is time to which it is considered to end once and for all this problem to be the ultimate solution scanning and data capture. Thanks to her not only get a considerable saving of space but also a better organization and accessibility of our information.

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Ok Video surveillance


If you want to increase the security of your home, business or any place you want to remotely monitor, with minimal resources and without investing large amounts of money on a specialized company, we can use a simple webcam.


  • The lowest bid is a video surveillance system relying solely on a webcam or more (if we want to monitor the area is very large) and of course a computer with Internet connection.
  • We may also use IP cameras or X10 for a reasonable price. These are connected directly to the local network, thus limiting gone away nor will it be necessary that the computer stays on. Not to mention the WiFi IP cameras, which do not even need cables.
  • Certain high-end cameras at a cost well above allow you to send images to mobile phone SIM card to have.

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