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Info Advantages and applications


A multimedia presentation gives the user the freedom to explore interactive technical information, making the exploration more interesting, more fluid and more likely to be delivered to another person. The chances of being able to present any kind of content through the navigation menus are infinite, the only limit being your imagination.

On the one hand, a commercial is an important marketing tool for companies using it, since it allows the client present a more dynamic and interactive, not only to spread your corporate image but also to promote a product or service combining sound, music, animation and all information you may want to reach your target audience. In addition, permits to be mailed at a cost significantly less than that involves sending a heavy manual or product catalog.

Among the applications that We can include of a multimedia presentation are: CD software, product catalogs, manuals, digital books, teaching materials, corporate presentations (business card and promotional), digital cultural brochures, etc.

From a domestic point of view is also quite practical this system either for private use or for distribution to third parties. For example, it is interesting to create an album of photos of any event, a selection of home movies, or just to have a CD catalog organized in any library or database you treasure.


Ok Services

PCSOPORTE provides an opportunity for our client to organize and assemble in any digital format (CD/DVD or pen drive) and an attractive multimedia form, any kind you want to distribute content (text, image, sound, video, etc) being able the user to access it through interactive menus and adding professional finishing capabilities to allow sailing boot instantly.

Among other features of this service we highlight the following:

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  • Integration of any kind of multimedia content: images, sounds, videos, animations, etc.
  • Linking buttons or menu items to external files: pdf, word, powerpoint, html, applications, etc.
  • Autorun functions for an instant access to the menu at the same time inserting the disc into the drive, with support for any kind of digital media: CD/DVD and flash drive.
  • Allows various actions, including: execute files, print documents, send e-mail, visit websites outside, play music or movies, etc.
  • Ability to link to various sub pages navigation.
  • No software installation required* (except in where specified below), but only CD/DVD or USB compatible.
  • We adapt the design and content structure to taste and customer needs.
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* For cases where we want to run from the menu a file format (pdf, word, powerpoint, etc) not genuinely recognized by Windows will require the installation of the concerned software.


Trabajos Presentations and menus gallery

Then offer a catalog of different kinds of presentations and menus, which, regardless of the subject and adjusting it to their needs, they can perfectly capture the attention of our client.

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Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones
Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones
Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones
Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones Menú y presentaciones
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