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Info The biggest disaster

perdida de datos

Surely you've ever gone through the bitter divorce have deleted by mistake, some important files. Typically, in these cases, go through several phases. The first is that of disbelief can not believe that this has occurred, you may not have happened to you. The following is the fear: you start to realize what you've lost so much time and effort you have taken (a collection of photos, favorite songs, important documents, databases, business papers, etc) and find that, perhaps, you can not recover. Then comes the anger, you're angry with yourself, with your computer, with the distraction that caused the error you made.

Therefore, backups are key to our work can be protected from those problems or disasters that may occur. However, this is something usually not done, especially if the computer is for personal use and not in a business or corporate environment. The purpose of backups is not to avoid these problems, but can recover data in the event they occur.

Disasters do not alert and if something bad can happen will happen at the wrong time and this is the typical time when having everything running there is a hard drive crash or perform a minor change and unconfigure the entire system.


We can classify the data loss in two categories, which determine the success of a restoration:

  • Logical failure: the hard drive is working properly, but you can not access some files or data for logical reasons such as lost partition or accidental formatting. High probability of recovery.
  • Mechanical failure: hard disk does not work. The most common causes damage to the pump or engine failure. Low probability of recovery.

According to statistics compiled by a survey conducted by Ontrack, a leading data recovery companies, and the causes of data loss are, in order of frequency:

  1. Malfunction of hardware or system: 44%.
  2. Human error: 32%.
  3. Software corruption: 14%.
  4. Computer virus: 7%.
  5. Natural disasters: 3%.

Often the interruption of electrical power for less than a second can make the hard drive is corrupted, so that the PC will not be able to boot.

Without access to your data or your system, data loss can result in a business environment to economic losses.

According to the conclusions reached by experts from Ontrack, because only 44% of cases are caused by a hardware malfunction, in which case it becomes quite difficult to restore and it would send the unit to a specialized laboratory with a much more expensive cost, there is still a high probability for recovery of lost data.

Therefore, under certain conditions, especially if you have not returned to overwrite deleted data, the chances of recovery are high. It is therefore vital to act as quickly as possible.


Ok Services

To make the system operational again as soon as possible to access the information that it had lost PCSOPORTE act on three fronts:

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  • Free diagnosis and without compromise of the storage unit for repair, offering customers the best solutions.
  • Recovery of lost data to alternate storage media: another hard disk, CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW, network drives, USB drives, etc.
  • Elaboration of a prevention policy against data loss through backup, RAID systems, etc.
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