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Info Common problems

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Daily use of the computer as a working tool in either a home or business carries with the long run, a series of problems caused by the very old hardware components or operating system damage resulting from the lack of habits maintenance or simply for the misuse of computer equipment.

Everyone has ever occurred: the computer starts to boot normally and not, from time to time, it shuts itself off. These are some flaws with the system warns us that something is wrong. Sometimes the facts are more categorical: one day we can start the computer, a virus is installed on our team or missing critical file for booting. In short, there is no way to start the PC. And worst of all is that we are unable to access the Windows desktop to use those tools that will help solve the problem.

In our experience, the most common problems that can confront a PC user in order of frequency are:

1. Alarming decline in performance, the result of overload of work that is submitted to memory or lack of maintenance (cleaning of the hard disk and registry, defrag, uninstall unnecessary programs, etc).

2. The computer freezes or displayed the dreaded blue screen of death, attributable in most cases to hardware problems.

3. The computer spontaneously reboots or turns itself off, often caused by excessive temperature.

4. Unusual noises or vibrations caused by various internal components: fans, hard drive, a loose cable, etc.

5. Browser problems as configuration changes, decreases the response speed of the modem, the appearance of strange windows, etc, mainly due to the installation of the system of some type of spyware.

6. The computer stops starting at either the beginning or in the moments before loading the operating system, due either to a hardware problem or bad connection in the first case or a Windows registry corruption or file deletion vital to start loading the operating system in the second case.

7. Problem with a peripheral: the CD/DVD does not read or record, the printer does not print, the scanner does not work, the modem does not respond, the image appears on screen, etc.


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To solve these problems PCSOPORTE strategy revolves around the following sections:

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  • Information: the computer technician needs to collect all possible information you can provide the client: the symptoms of damage and what changes or action took place just before the onset of the problem.
  • Diagnosis: locating the cause that caused the anomaly.
  • Repair: resolution of problem found, if not a hardware fault type (power supply defective, damaged hard drive, bad memory, etc).
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For cases in which it is a failure of some components inside the PC, the solution is going to propose any repair service is the replacement of that item.

However, for those cases where the origin of the problem is related to software, unlike the competition, they never resorted as a first solution to formatting and reinstalling Windows because of the inconvenience to the user, in time there to spend for your set-up, not only by the installation process itself but because then you need to migrate data and applications to install updates, configure the system, etc.