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Terms Rates and bonus Remote assistance Ebook version Download pdf


Info Terms Facebook Twitter

  • The coverage area where we offer and render our services is the Province of Malaga, including the Metropolitan Area, only.
  • Our time slot availability of our services includes weekdays and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Technical assistance will be carried out directly at the customer's home or business, wherever possible, otherwise, at our workshop, in which case the transport of computer equipment will not be charged to the user.
  • Also, and if you wish, you can bring your computer to our shop, regardless whether it is a desktop, laptop or netbook.
  • Contrary to our competition, we do not charge for transportation expenses (unless this implies going out of Malaga Metropolitan Area) or the material used as working instruments and software provided to the customer, but only by labour.
  • We provide analysis and diagnosis of your system without any commitment by the customer, we only charge for the resolution of problems and/or services.
  • In the same way, in the case of data recovery free we offer at no cost diagnosis report on the storage media as a list of all recoverable data.
  • For most of the services offered the minimum rate charged will be € 15 per hour. For further details on the other services, please refer to the table of fees and bonuses.
  • We do not accept any form of payment other than cash. Payment of any sum due to services provided by us is not to be done before client's full satisfaction or problem resolution.
  • For the contract on bonus/hours, payment due shall be fully collected strictly in advance.


Euro Rates and bonus Facebook Twitter

Computer assembly and installation as Advice, budget, installation of custom computer user needs the computer and transfer the domicile. € 50
Hardware enlargements Physical installation of hardware components ( cards, hard drives, memory, etc ) and their respective drivers in Windows. € 15
Installing Operating Systems Prepare hard disk (partition, format), installation and configuration of Windows operating systems (2000, XP, Vista and 7) and user applications. € 30
Maintenance and repair Interior and exterior cleaning of equipment, system optimization and Internet, updates, virus cleaning and protection system backup, system diagnostics and repair (hardware, Windows, applications and network environment). € 15 hours
Data Recovery Rescue corrupted files deleted or lost by unintentional or hard disk failure, even freshly formatted. € 100
Installation of LAN and Internet Installation, configuration and optimization of LAN and Internet ADSL ( Ethernet or WiFi). € 20
Installation of client/server network Installing and configuring a domain in an environment of client / server network with Windows 2003 Server. € 60

The ideal solution for companies who use our services on a frequent or for individuals who want to acquire the operating hours of a cheaper way will be through a contract of service BONUS FOR HOURS. Through an email, the user will be kept closely informed of the number of hours used so far in the bonus and the rest as you go that low.


> Maintenance and repair (see table above).

> Online support: support and remote technical support.

16,66 % (€ -25) € 125
BONUS 20 HOURS 20 % (€ -60) € 240
BONUS 50 HOURS 25 % (€ -188) € 562

Photocomposition Retouching, photo restoration and assembly. € 10 hours
Web Design Website development, domain management, hosting and SEO. from € 200 (10 pages html)
Menus and presentations Navigation menu design and interactive presentations. > € 40 (catalog)
> € 60 (original)
Logos Logo design and corporate identity development. > € 30 (catalog)
> € 50 (original)
Business Card Design professional business card and personal. > € 30 (lot 100 u. – front and back)
> € 20 (lot 100 u. – front)
Document Scanning Scanning of any kind of paper document to PDF format. € 15 hours
Closed Circuit Television Installing and configuring a home video surveillance system using webcam. € 50

Importante To the above specified rates we only have to add the applicable travel expenses when services are to be rendered out of Malaga Metropolitan Area.

Remoto Remote Assistance Facebook Twitter


With this new technology, we get closer to our customers and users in general, offering real time help on any issues they have with their computers.

This is a solution that allows remote access to any computer with Internet connection, regardless of the obstacles which exist (firewalls, port blocking, NAT routers, etc), to resolve any problem that does not require the physical presence of the technician in the customer's address.

Importante This service is included within the bonus of hours.

Thanks to our support service and remote technical support, you 'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • MAXIMUM comfort and speed: technical intervention occurs almost instantaneously at the time of the request for assistance from the client, like you're really sitting at his computer without scrolling.
  • MAXIMUM ease: communication is established directly through the Internet without the need for complex network configurations or opening ports. Only requirement is a small application run very well known and used in the trade and exchange professional computer for identification data.
  • MAXIMUM security and transparency: communication between the technician and the user is also password protected and can continue at all times the actions taken by the professional without ever losing contact with it via chat, voice or video. Furthermore, the transmission remains encrypted from the beginning of the connection, using the highest security systems (SSL, 256 -bit AES).


To enable this service in order to share the desktop, the customer must perform the following steps:

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online  Paso 1 Communicate ID and password

The user will run the program TeamViewer QuickSupport showing an ID and password, which should be provided by phone or via email to the technician.

Every time you need technical assistance, change your password for your safety.

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online
Paso 2 ID entered by the technician

The technician entered in the application provided by the customer ID.

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online
Paso 3 Password entered by the technician

The technician entered in your application the password provided by the client.

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online
Paso 4 Connected

The coach, from his position, establishing a successful connection to the client's desktop, where you can take any action it deems appropriate to resolve the problem, as if you were sitting at your computer.

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online
Paso 5 Simultaneous communication

During relief operations the client can start a conversation with the technician voice, video or chat.

Funcionamiento de la asistencia online
Paso 6 Full Control

The client, while noting the actions taken by the technician in real time, may immediately close all connections, without the intervention of the same.