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Info Economic solution


If you want to increase the security of your home, business or any place you want to remotely monitor, with minimal resources and without investing large amounts of money on a specialized company, we can use a simple webcam.


  • The lowest bid is a video surveillance system relying solely on a webcam or more ( if we want to monitor the area is very large ) and of course a computer with Internet connection. This webcam we can be connected by USB to your computer or even built into your laptop, or tablet smatphone.
  • We may also use IP cameras or X10 for a reasonable price. These are connected directly to the local network, thus limiting gone away nor will it be necessary that the computer stays on. Not to mention the WiFi IP cameras, which do not even need cables.
  • Certain high-end cameras at a cost well above allow you to send images to mobile phone SIM card to have.


  • USB extension cable in case the positioning of the computer does not match or is something away from the area to watch. Keep in mind that the maximum length for a USB cable is 5 meters. From this distance, you need a USB repeater or a powered USB hub out of five meters, self-powered and capable of reinforcing the signal, but this is very cumbersome. Why resort to this signal booster signal capable of carrying up to 60 feet away. This limitation is less in the case of wired IP cameras (no more than 90 meters) and above all not wired the WiFi IP.
  • A computer, preferably with an Internet connection, which makes server to process the images and send them through the Network, which shall be operated except in the case of IP cameras.
  • Free space on hard enough especially in the case of recording video.
  • We can set up multiple cameras to cover different areas, but too many slow down and complicate the monitoring system.


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PCSOPORTE video surveillance system offers a simple and economical bearing the following functions:

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  • Installing and configuring the appropriate software for the management and capture webcam images with either USB connectivity, Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Timing for recording Geolocation sequence, taking a photo every few seconds or minutes for hard disk storage.
  • Establish a monitoring schedule, choosing how we want to be notified of detected events.
  • Motion detection, ie, the camera starts to capture the picture or record video at the time that movement occurs in front of the camera with a smart, going to inactivity in the case of not recognizing any changes during an interval of time.
  • Remote monitoring by uploading pictures taken to a web server or FTP, including the ability to access the video signal in real time, with the help of a browser.
  • Ability to control multiple cameras at the same time, besides watching picture and sound.
  • Alerting catch any occurrence or e-mail and mobile phone.
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PCSOPORTE hardware does not provide any material for the development of this system security, only provides support for optimal configuration and operation of appropriate software tools.